Tenant Checks Made Easy

Make tenant reference checks easier and faster by using copy and paste verification checks for your tenants.

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Why choose Checkboard?

Referencing Providers

  • Identity Check
  • Affordability Check
  • Credit Check
  • Open Banking Check
  • Unlimited Checks
  • Identity Check
  • Affordability Check
  • Credit Check
  • Open Banking Check
  • Unlimited Checks

Features You Can Trust

Soft Credit Check

We use data about prospective tenants that we get from credit reference agencies to confirm that they have the right credit history for the tenancy. In this way, we reduce the risk of non-payment.

Affordability Verification

We use all the information we get from tenants to confirm that they can afford the property in question. This gives you, as property owner, the confidence you need to proceed with the transaction.

Identity Checks

We check identity documents and do a face match at the same time using industry standards to confirm identity. You can be certain that your tenants are who they say they are.

Magic Links

With the magic links you are provided, your tenants are guided through the tenant reference checks you need to successfully let your property.

Unlimited Reports

With unlimited reports, you can conduct checks on several tenants at the same time to then select the best. This is especially useful where you have several tenants interested in the same property.

Full Tenant Reference

We use all the data points we assess to create tenant reference reports. These reports are crucial in enabling you to obtain rent protection on a tenancy.

What makes us different?

11+ data points analysed

We analyse data from open banking, credit reference agencies, identity documents, bankruptcy registers, global databases. This means you receive a complete picture of your tenant's affordability.

Simple user journey

We designed a simple and intuitive user journey to ensure your tenants complete their checks quickly and easily.

Unlimited checks

We are the first platform to offer unlimited checks per property. All you need to do is select the best tenants at no extra cost to you.

Fully automated

You will receive a magic link for every property you add to your checkboard. From there we take care of the rest and provide the necessary confirmation of affordability.

Frequently Asked Questions

To request a check, you need to add the details of the property you want to request a check for. You will then be provided with a magic link to send to tenants.

A Basic plan cost £8 ex-VAT for every active property you have on your checkboard in a month. An active property is one where you have received at least one check.

Missing out on the best tenant because you have to pay for more checks is costly. With unlimited checks, you can pick the best tenant without worrying about how much it will cost you. You can almost think of it as an unlimited mobile phone pay-as-you-go package that lets you make all the calls you desire.

Unlimited checks are valid for a month on each active property. So, if you generate another report on the same property in another month, that property will be active for that month.

Make Informed Decisions On The Go

You can check all interested tenants with comprehensive checks and unlimited plans. This enables you to make the right decisions wherever you are and protect your income.

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