Streamlined Financing Checks.

Make your property transaction checks quicker and easier with copy and paste tenant referencing and proof of funds checks.

Built For You

Bank Statements & Payslips

Chance of alteration
Human speed
Go online, download documents and email


Authentic and true data
Automated verification
Connect account

Features You Will Love

Credit Checks

You will receive confirmation that your buyers and tenants are creditworthy, giving you, as a developer or build to rent operator, the confidence you need to proceed.

Tenant Referencing

You are able to check your tenants affordability using open banking, bringing you unrivalled accuracy in finding the best match to rent out your investment property.

AML Checks

By checking global databases to screen your clients for PEPs and Sanctions, you can be rest assured you business remains compliant.

Proof Of Funds

You can verify that your buyers have the sufficient funds available to complete the transaction smoothly.

Unlimited Data At Your Fingertips

Bring all your compliance needs to one place without changing the way you do business. Simply put, it is the fastest and most comprehensive solution on the market today.

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