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With our simple pricing plans you’ll only pay for the services you need when you need them. This means a property on your board only becomes active once you receive a completed check on it. Once active, you’ll pay for that property for one month. So, no contracts, no commitment, just simple and easy pay as you go plans for the services you need.


£ 0


£ 8
per property*


£ 8
per property*

* All prices exclude VAT and are only charged once a check has activated a property in a specific month.
The pricing per property includes:
Tenant Checks and Landlord Checks for rental properties.
Buyer Checks and Seller Checks for sale properties.

Full Feature List

Unlimited checks

For 1 month per property

Tenant Check

Includes identity, affordability and credit check

Excludes credit check

Full Report

Includes detailed breakdown of information

Landlord Check

Includes identity and AML check

Buyer Check

Includes identity, proof of funds and AML check

Seller Check

Includes identity and AML check

CRM Integrations

To automate your transactions even further

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